Price List

Consultation Fees
New Patient Exam£60
Emergency Visit (includes 1 x X-ray if necessary)£60
Small Radiograph (each)£15.50
Panoramic Radiograph£46
Dental Consultation£60 (20 mins)
Six Monthly Examination£34
Simple Hygienist Visit£48 (20 mins)
6 Monthly clean with Hygienist£58 (30 mins)
Complex Hygienist Visit£92 (40 mins)
White Fillings
Simple to Complex£72.50 – £198.00
Pins or posts to fillings£26 – £128
Root Canal Fillings
Front Tooth Root Filling£333 (2 visits)
Pre-molar Root Filling£410 (2 visits)
Molar Root Filling£512 (2 visits)
Extraction£100 to £255
Infected Socket£60 initial visit £26 further visits
Porcelain over metal crown£508
Gold Crown£510 +gold
Highly cosmetic white metal free crowns£655 per unit
Denture Work
Full Upper and Full Lowerapprox £1230
Full Upper or Full Lowerapprox £765
Partial Upper or Partial LowerStart £765
Cobalt Chrome DenturesStart £922.50
Repairs or Addition of 1 toothStart £100
Bleaching in Trays
2 Arches£350
1 Arch£285
1 Tooth£180
Bleaching in Chair (zoom!)£500