Taking Prescribed Antibiotics

Antibiotics are prescribed medications which are used to treat infections caused by bacteria.

If you have been prescribed antibiotics you should take them according to the instructions given and
complete the whole course as prescribed.

The dose and duration of the treatment will depend on the type of infection and the antibiotic used, not taking the antibiotic as prescribed can lead to a failure of treatment or developing a resistance against the antibiotic. Always finish the course recommended even if you feel better and symptoms have subsided.

If you experience ANY side effects please stop taking the medicine and contact the practice.

Common side effects include diarrhoea, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting. More information can be found on the leaflet in the packaging.

  • Allergic reactions – common signs and symptoms may include a rash, in more serious cases facial and tongue swelling and difficulty breathing.
  • If you experience any of these symptoms stop the medication immediately and consult your doctor and inform the dentist.
  • If in the past you have had any previous side effects or allergic reactions to medications you should inform your dentist.

There is a risk that taking antibiotics can affect the effectiveness of some contraception, so while you are taking a prescribed course of antibiotics it is recommended that you take extra precautions.

For any further advice please telephone the practice on 01458 274080.